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Article: Egg Baskets With Underwater Weaving at Mama Farm


Egg Baskets With Underwater Weaving at Mama Farm

Ever since learning about Mama Farm last year from a panel Isabella Rossellini (you have to read this) participated in at The Church in Sag Harbor, I've been following events and other happenings at the property. I was so excited to learn Elettra Wiedemann of Mama Farm was hosting a basket weaving class with Underwater Weaving Studio. Underwater Weaving is a New York-based basket atelier, creative weaving studio and community. Directed by Erin Pollard, they host classes, workshops, and offer at-home kits that contain instructions and materials.

I have been passionate about baskets and weaving for some time now. Over the past few years, I've purchased a few of Claire Kinsella's baskets from Midgley Green in South West England, have collected some woven items from Rush Matters via EE Home, and have been avidly following Deborah Needleman's pursuit of basketweaving



I never exactly imagined basket weaving was going to be easy, but I had not considered the components that might be challenging (for me - it was corners)!  However, as we become more and more of a digital and device-dependent culture, it's crucial we balance our time with technology by using our hands, trying new things, and working with natural materials (and doing so outdoors whenever possible for maximum health benefits). 

As it seems to be the case with most things that are special, going through the steps of weaving a basket made me appreciate a handwoven object even more. And, as easy as it might be for a factory to mass-produce baskets, there's something so beautiful about creating the weave, the subtle imperfections, and just the fact of knowing it was handmade (and possibly by you)! I'd highly recommend trying one of the Underwater Weaving kits - I have my eyes on a few.

Maybe this one is my new spring handbag.



Though I'm not confident my creation should be used for transporting eggs, I think it could be a wonderful basket for gathering fresh herbs and flowers this summer (hopefully from my own garden). On top of spending time with the loveliest weaving group (met the amazing sisters behind Lizzie Fortunato), I was able to explore Mama Farm a bit! 

Mama Farm is a regenerative farm in Brookhaven, New York that focuses on the preservation of endangered and heritage breeds of farm animals. Subsequently, the farm has the most gorgeous mix of chickens, goats, and sheep I have ever seen. If I lived just a little bit closer - I'd most certainly sign-up for their weekly egg pickup. 

photography: Orangery