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Article: CRAFT FEAST at Stissing House: Part I


CRAFT FEAST at Stissing House: Part I

There isn't a more fitting introduction to all things Orangery than to launch with Craft Feast (following this recap in T Magazine).

Orangery has been a dream of mine for years and with a resurgence in the interest and elevation of craft, I can't think of a better time to launch it.

Craft Feast was a meticulously detailed celebration with vendors selected by Deborah Needleman. From old-world Christmas carolers to an herb-infused broth simmering over the fire, it was thoughtful in every way and memorably celebrated artisans and their works so beautifully.

On December 10th, I traveled to Stissing House in Pine Plains, New York. The tavern itself has a rich history and dates back to 1782. The restaurant is under the helm of chef Clare de Boer (I highly recommend subscribing to her Substack)—who is also behind King and Jupiter in NYC. Yes, the vendors were outstanding—but the event decor was just as fantastic.

Woven through the old rooms of the tavern was a mix of chic and understated Christmas charm—from delicious homemade salt and vinegar chips (need the dip recipe) to mandarins in handmade baskets. Tables were delicately surrounded by the glow of natural beeswax candles and greenery.

When it comes to makers—there was a mix of new finds paired with so many I have long admired in attendance. Saipua had a lovely display of their fragrant handmade soaps and oils (I'm currently using their vetiver hand soap and geranium body oil). Frances Palmer brought along a gorgeous display of her handmade pottery. I love the unique shapes of her vases.

For accessories—of course my favorite designer of natural stones and gem pieces, Mary MacGill, had a collection of holiday-ready jewelry (I wear these earrings daily).

And, one of the absolute best new finds was Presley Oldham. His pieces are so unique, detailed, well-made, and fun. I hope to collect more. Take a look.