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Article: Favorite Shops In Bermuda For Handcrafted Pieces


Favorite Shops In Bermuda For Handcrafted Pieces

I've always wanted to go to Bermuda (yes, I was the child who watched shows about the Bermuda Triangle). However, since I hadn't ever seriously looked into it, I'd imagined a trip would be much more difficult than it actually is. The flight from NYC is shorter than two hours and you are truly transported to paradise - with some of the most pristine beaches and stunning water I've ever seen.

The architecture is magnificent as well - with beautiful churches from the 1600s and buildings painted in the most gorgeous colors. Everything is so well-maintained and preserved. 

My first stop was at Della Valle shoes - an Italian-owned store where you can purchase fully customized leather sandals as well as a mix of unique straw handbags and other accessories.

* top photo - shoes at Della Valle

Lili Bermuda 

Purchasing a fragrance on a trip is one of my absolute favorite things to try and find. I've found it to be a wonderful memory of a trip, a lovely gift, and in most cases- a unique scent.

My friend Melanie introduced me to the most amazing perfumes in Mexico City and in Bermuda, I was so delighted to visit Lili Bermuda

Lili Bermuda is a perfumery that was established in 1928 and is housed in Stewart Hall, a stunning 18th century historic property. The fragrances are nontoxic and remind you of the seaside. In classic British fashion, they offer afternoon tea in the garden and perfume workshops. 

I ended up taking home a bottle of Island Rose (it reminded me of a fragrance one of my dearest childhood friends used to wear) and the unisex perfume, Mary Celestia (a gift). I loved the story behind Mary Celestia - it's incredibly interesting. The fragrance was actually recreated from a sample of a fully-preserved perfume found in a shipwreck.

"In 1864 the Mary Celestia, a Civil War blockade runner sailing to Charleston, South Carolina, sank off the south shore of Bermuda. In 2011 an international team of Marine Archeologists discovered two intact bottles of perfume embossed Piesse and Lubin London, hidden away in the bow of the 150-year old shipwreck. Piesse and Lubin was a prominent perfume house on Bond Street in London sought after by the world's elite in the 1800's. 
After careful analysis of the bottles' precious content by drom fragrances, this rare scent was meticulously re-created and renamed Mary Celestia.



From the enchanting green entrance steps to the quaint back door - I loved exploring the St. George's Historical Society.

I'm fascinated by the Bermuda cedar handle bags from the 1930s (pictured below) - they were carved and sewn in an array of detailed fabrics in Bermuda. The iconic bag was commemorated with a stamp. 

In fact, if you see an entire sub-post dedicated to Bermuda bags soon - don't be surprised.

On the trip, I discovered colorful Bermuda shorts at Tabs and had the loveliest time at Rosewood Bermuda. It was truly a home-away-from-home.

Until my next trip, I'll be dreaming of the brilliant blue water, delicious fish sandwiches, and rum swizzles (though I could only have a sip). 

below: historical Bermuda cedar bag


Coffee & Breakfast: Devil's Isle
Dining: Heard the most wonderful things re: Huckleberry - didn't make it! (next trip!)
Cocktails & Apps: 1609 Restaurant - the views!!
Museum: St. George's Historical Society & on my list for next time -  Bermuda National Gallery

photo below: Rosewood Bermuda / all photography property of ORANGERY